Braggin on my men.


Merry Christmas again. Although things are still pretty busy around here I have to take a minute to let you all see what I was given for Christmas. You see, I had this dream of the perfect coffee table for us. It would be large and have a built in puzzle table. That was all I needed to say and for the past month hubby & my oldest son have been puttering away out in the barn. This is what they came up with….

The best part about it is that it didn’t cost a cent. Hubby just used old barn boards and leftover stuff from our almost 200 year old home. I love it. The picture is awful and doesn’t show just how nice it is. My son was the one who built the puzzle shelf that so neatly slides in under the top to hide when we’re not working on it. Mr.Man-let-me-tell-you, it’s cool. :)

Another bit of news that I know you will all be so impressed with is that we didn’t spend any money we didn’t have this Christmas. It meant we couldn’t do a few things that we normally would do, but we made it without bringing out the Visa. Woo Hoo! I would have failed the test big time, but hubby said a big fat ‘NO!’ when I was tempted to falter. :) Good thing. I feel better knowing that we pulled it off for the first time ever.

I’m off to clean up a bit and maybe find time to sit down beside my new table with a cup of hot apple cider in the new dishes I was given. Love Christmas! :)


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