Works for me Wednesday: No tape measure – No problem!


It’s a good idea to always have a small tape measure in your purse. You just never know when you’ll need it. Yard sales and second hand stores have cool desks or sofas or pictures or…. well lots of cool stuff. The problem is that sometimes you just don’t know if it’s going to fit when you get it back home. My hubby taught me this trusty trick many years ago and I have used it time and time again.

Just measure your hand span and then you always have a ruler with you. Mine just happens to be 8 inches. So when I want to know how tall a dresser is, whether that inseam is long enough for me to bother trying them on, or if that rug is just going to be a few inches too short, I just measure how many hand-spans it is and count by 8’s. I’ve used this trusty tool when buying my children clothing by just measuring (with my hand) their inseam before I leave the house for our used clothing place. It really does work for me and I’m sure it will work for you! :)


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  1. Another great “body” measurement to know is the length of your stride. If you know that one giant step equals 3 feet then you can pace off longer distances. I used it just this week to figure out if I had parked far enough from a fire hydrant :-)

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