Book Review Friday: Zephaniah


First things first, let’s move on to Titus for the next week. It’s a super short one but I’m sure we’ll find it super good! :)

I liked reading Zephaniah a lot this week. I had a hard time grasping just exactly what this prophet was saying. (By the way, I think it’s exciting that I know now who a few of the prophets were since we’ve been reading these books together. I wouldn’t of had a clue before who was or wasn’t. Oh yes, we’re learning lots!). I’m thinking that he’s warning about the Lord returning and them not being ready because of the sin they are living in. The people are called to repentance and they are told about the judgements to come if they do not repent and escape them. It ends with explaining the blessings of being one found faithful and hidden safe in Christ when the judgements come. I think. Much of it I cannot figure into this equation because I really have no clue what is really being said.

Despite the fact that I have no sweet clue with much of it but find it terribly interesting I was convicted with a few verses. The first being, “I will search Jerusalem with lamps, And punish the men Who are settled in complacency. Who say in their heart, The Lord will not do good, Nor will He do evil.’ 1:12 Complacency is one of the major sins in the Church and in the individual Christian life these days, and apparently always has been. When life just continues on day after day with the same routine it’s so easy to drift off into la la land spiritually. I am that one that starts thinking (without really thinking about it) that God is in neutral mode. He wouldn’t do anything drastic in my life- I’m not that bad that He would have to deal with me! Big mistake. That was exactly who this prophet was talking to. That’s how these people were summed up at the first but as we read through we see that there are other names for ‘the complacent ones’. Names like, ‘rebellious’ ‘polluted’ ‘insolent’ ‘treacherous’, to name just a few. To God these sins are one and the same. It’s scary for me to think that I am actually doing damage to God’s purpose in my life by just not caring enough.

In chapter 3: 3-5 it explains the wickedness found in the people. All of this is carrying on day after day with people not really thinking about what they are doing and all the while, “The Lord is righteous in her midst,” He’s right there seeing it all and being perfect waiting for the time to act. And the kicker- “But the unjust knows no shame”. Although we know He is righteous and He’s there somewhere, we don’t really care and we just keep going right along. Shameless!

I do not want to be part of the pollution problem. I’ll be asking the Lord what is polluting my life and I’ll need to pray for strength to do something about it too. It’s all about being ready and chasing life, as my little logo up there at the top of my blog says. Live with purpose- God’s purpose.

So even though some was confusing God still got some major points through to this brain of mine. Now I’ll wait to see what God put on all your brains this week. Let’s fill up Mr.Linky ladies! :)


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  1. Thanks for the review Shannon, you did show me things that I had not seen, also put the truths I did see in plain words. Like you I want God to show me my faults and give me the desire and courage to change for Him. Have a great day in the Lord’s house Sunday:)

  2. Popping in to let you know I read Zephaniah (and Jude – they really go together well!). Is it just me, or is everything we’re reading saying, “He’s coming! Be ready! Spread the word! Watch out for the false teachers!”


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