Book Review Friday: Acts 22-28


Edited to add: I figured out Mr.Linky for WordPress…. kind of… It looks like it’s going to have to be an extra click to get the names up. Sorry, the best I can do so far.

First things first, we’ll be moving over to the book of Ezra this week. I am really REALLY excited about this one, I’ve been waiting since June to do it. :) So we’ll see how many times we can read the whole book of Ezra before next Friday and all meet back here to see what we learned (or didn’t understand).

As for my review on Acts, that will have to wait. It’s been a crazy few days and I’ll hopefully get back here to write something down before the end of the day. It would seem that my family would rather have some groceries than a new blog posting. 

I’m not liking WordPress much at the moment. I cannot figure out how to get Mr.Linky on here properly. Sorry if you are an early bird and want to get your review up. I’m trying. :(


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  1. Didn’t read the last chapters of Acts. Sorry. What a week. I did read Ezra today, though, and MR. MAN! I’m here to tell you! I don’t think I made it through the first verse before I was saying WOW!! It is EXACTLY what I needed! Very excited! Can you tell!

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