Book Review Friday: Genesis 26-29


First things first, until next Friday we’ll read Genesis 30-34. If you would like to know more about Book Review Friday just check it out on my left sidebar. :)

Okay, it’s VBS week and things are crazy so this will be really, really short. :) Three things that stand out to me:

  • 1) It is not only wrong but insane to have more than one wife. So glad it’s not like that today.

  • 2) In reading through all this history of people I thought I knew about I have realized that they were regular people with lots of sin in their lives. The depravity of man. We are so sinful and make huge blunders in the face of God and God just keeps on blessing and forgiving, working in us. Abraham and Isaac made many mistakes, Jacob growing up and catching up with the rest of his family in the ‘let’s be an idiot and do the wrong thing’ area. And in the middle of all the bad things they chose to do God is there telling them how they are going to receive His blessing. I don’t understand why God is so gracious but I am thankful He is.

  • 3) Apparently way back when family visits were long. Jacob shows up at a relatives house and they invite him to stay, for a month! I’m doing well if I’m prepared enough to ask someone to stay to supper.

  • So that’s that. Short and sweet. Here’s Mr.Linky for those of you who aren’t crazy busy yourselves and have a little something to say about this weeks reading. :)


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