BRF: Genesis 14-19


First things first, we’ll be reading Genesis 20-25 until next Friday. Summers are very busy for all of us, but it’s great that you all are keeping your Bible reading a priority. We can tell from Mr.Linky lately that there haven’t been a lot of reviews written lately, but I happen to know that most if not all the ladies are still doing all the reading each week. That is exciting. How many of us could say that last summer we were reading much of our Bibles at all!?! We are definitely making progress here. :)

Just for the fun of it how about we do a head count. If all the ladies that are involved with Book Review Friday could email me and let me know for sure we could get a better idea of just how many we’ve really got here. So, whether you write a review or not, whether I know you or not, whether it annoys you or not, let me know you read with us! Thanks. :)

Now for my review. I feel for Abram. I know what it’s like to make mistakes. I know what it’s like to be found in sin and lose faith in my God. Abram messed up and lost his focus more than once. But as we’ve seen time and time again in the scriptures we’ve read, God chooses to bless despite our stupidity and disobedience.

We think we know just how things should work and sometimes what God is doing makes it seem like He’s not doing anything. If the Lord had promised me as many decendants as the stars and I was 99 years old with no children yet, I’d have a hard time keeping faith in that promise. Deep down Abram wanted to obey God and it showed when God asked him to pack up and move. He didn’t have a clue where to go and it meant leaving all he had ever known, but he started moving and trusted God with the result. I admire that. Years and years later after making a few mistakes, like lying about his wife to Pharoah, like sleeping with Hagar, both terrible acts of sin that could have meant much worse consequences than happened, but God showed His mercy yet again.

These chapters are full of the mercy of God. He was so longsufferring with Abram and his family, but also to Lot and was prepared to be merciful to a whole land consumed with evil for the sake of just a few God fearing people that might live there. I can’t imagine why God doesn’t handle the sins of our nation today the same way He handled Sodom and Gomorrah, except that maybe He has mercy because of the very few true Christians who live here. I realize that it can and probably will get a whole lot worse, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that we don’t live in a day of Sodom and Gomorrah ourselves. These are scary times folks!

Although both Abraham and Lot made mistakes I believe it is obvious that they had a different relationship with the Lord. Abraham sinned but constantly showed that he wanted to make things right, and desired to live in a way that God would bless him. Lot showed by his actions and decisions that doing what was right wasn’t that important to him. He ended up with a pretty scary family, those daughter’s of his showed the consequences that can come up from submerging one’s family in a sinful society. We cannot afford to think that because we have our Bibles and go to church that the world cannot have a negative effect on us. We are what we consume and we consume whatever we’re around, listen to, watch, read…. We need to be so careful.

But even in all that evil God shows us again just how He works great and beautiful things out of what we mess up so badly. One of Lot’s children by his daughter was the father of the Moabites. And what great lady did we read about in another review week that came from these sinful people? Ruth!! It’s amazing what God will do. It lets me know to never lose faith, God can work wondrous things no matter what we are seeing today. There’s a plan and He will bless again if we keep turning to Him and not our own understanding.

Here’s Mr.Linky so please link away. :)


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