BRF: Genesis 7-13


First things first, we’ll be reading Genesis 14-19 until next Friday. Enjoy! :)

When reading these familiar stories from the Bible for myself a number of times in a week I notice so many little facts that were missed or not mentioned in my Sunday school lessons from yesteryear. Things like, it wasn’t just two of each animal that went on the ark, there were actually seven of some taken on and they just went in two by two. Noah started working on the ark before he even started a family of his own. It was interesting to see a couple names that I recognized in the genealogies from other books we’ve read, but please don’t ask me who they are, I’m not that good yet. :)

As for the whole ‘Noah and the ark’ story I love the picture that the ark and the flood make of absolute surrender. It is just as Kim mentioned in her review last week about  Noah doing all that the Lord commanded him, only it goes even further than that. The Lord shut him and his family up in the ark with only one window that allowed them to look into the sky only. After the boat was shut and because of the way it was built Noah was not able to have any control. It was left to just float anywhere.The ark was completely in God’s hands. All Noah could do was wait until God opened the door again. Many times it’s much harder to do nothing and just let the Lord work than to be so busy it’s exhausting.

Noah obeyed and worked hard for 120 years. He did what God wanted him to do and the rest was up to God. Big lesson for me. It’s a simple lesson, as most of the Biblical truths I learned through BRF are, but none of them easy. I’ve been called to do things for the Lord, but I cannot say that I have been too faithful in them and certainly wouldn’t be up for 120 years of a seemingly insane task. But even in my lack of faithfulness I myself have been shut up in arks of my own I guess. God has his own way of getting our attention and while I was in my ark and it seemed there was no way out but a little window with just enough light to keep me sane, I learned much.

I’m sure Noah and his family must have reflected quite a bit on all that they had been saved from while they waited for the storm to stop. As they heard the screams and cries from all those they warned before the rains began and then the complete silence and knowing they were completely alone, surely they realized what grace had been bestowed. It is in those dark seemingly silencing times where no door is open and you don’t understand what’s really happening, when it drives you to look up where that one and only window is, you realize the extreme blessing of being one of God’s children and that we have an ark to wait in safely until our own storms are over.

God could have easily shut the door on me and left me to the consequences on my own sin, but I’m so desperately glad He didn’t. What grace, that I should be counted as a Noah and be saved from an eternity without Christ.

I’m leaving any thoughts on Abram and his story until next time since the next few chapter continue on with him. I can’t wait to see what names pop up on Mr.Linky this week. I think that all those non-blogging BRF members should start up a free blog just so they can post their reviews. Great idea eh!? I know all the regulars on Mr.Linky would love that. :0)


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