Book Review Friday: Genesis 1-6


First things first, we’re moving on to Genesis chapters 7-13 for next Friday’s review. Enjoy! :)

It’s been a crazy busy week of go-go-go all day long until it’s time to finally fall into bed exhausted only to rise early and go-go-go again the next morning. Love it! But there isn’t much time to give to meditate on the things I’ve been reading this week so my review may be somewhat confusing. Can I just say that I am loving Genesis! So glad we’re doing it.

Here’s the main thing that was brought to mind many many times this week. God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and in complete control. I am a puny little person who thinks she has to control a great many things in order for things to go well with her. I take so much brain power feeling worried and trying to contrive plans to have things work out well for me and my family, and it is all for naught.

I realized in reading all about the creation of everything including man and woman that I am not my own. I have no right to do as I please. God made me, God made us, for His purpose and I had no idea I wasn’t grasping that point. I don’t even really know how to put into words properly all that I felt when I read these chapters each time. There was nothing and then God made it. GOD MADE IT ALL! Isn’t that amazing!?!? He made a beautiful world and all those crazy different animals and then decided to make man, and then made a woman to help the guy out (or He thought He could improve on His first design :). That is all amazing. And then to think that all of us people He made are walking the earth that He made every day thinking we are in control and have rights and are exercising our wills as far as we possibly can. But there really is no point to life outside of God. You and I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for Him and you and I won’t be here tomorrow if He doesn’t think you should be.

I am seeing more than ever that the first book of the Bible is a major foundation for the rest of the book. If you don’t grasp just who God is and exactly who you are, what is the point of reading the rest. If you truly believe that you were created by God for His purpose only then you won’t have a problem with any other thing in the Bible. We can just know this is what God did and this is what He wants us to do and that’s what we do because we’re His. Pretty simple.

Realizing just how I have nothing to do with any good results or blessing in my life it can be hard for me to try to find the balance of not shirking my earthly responsibilities that the Lord has placed in my path but at the same time leaving it all to him because I am unable to do any of it without his strength. It seems as soon as I start getting to work to do what I am supposed to do I start trying to take control very shortly afterward. Not good, no point. I’m still learning. :)

Can you imagine living for almost 1000 years? But they did. Not getting into the family thing until well into your hundreds is a crazy thought. :) I’d love to go back in time and see what it was like. It would be cool to see a giant. But it’s very sad to have to read that the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth. I know what a disappointment I have been to Him myself. I’d love to be a Noah and find grace in the eyes of the Lord. I’m looking forward to getting into the rest of Noah’s story this week. One of those stories you know you’ve heard a million times but never really known.

I’m signing off here, still much on my plate to get done. There was many little tidbits I loved learning as I read through but no time to expound. Things like, God created the light and divided it from the darkness before he made the sun, moon, and stars. Interesting.

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