Book Review Friday: 2 Cor.8-12


First things first, we’ll be reading through Genesis this summer if you’d like to join up with me and the rest of the gals doing Book Review Friday. This week we start in on Genesis chapters 1-6. Looking ahead, we will finish up our last Book Review in Genesis on Sept.7th. With it taking up 50 pages in my Bible I just divided up the chapters into approximately 5 pages worth each taking up 10 weeks. Sounds reasonable eh? I’m excited to get to know Genesis!

Now for a HUGE apology on my part about this weeks book review. I don’t have one. In fact I don’t think I read through the rest of 2 Corinthians once this week. I did read a couple chapters at a time most days, usually with a bad headache and I was tired so I didn’t catch much. Something that was encouraging even though I couldn’t get my reading done was that I had read so much along with the other BRF ladies these past number of months that I still had much scripture swimming around in my head to mull over as I was up through the night and tired by day with my sick kids, and as I layed on the couch being sick myself.

I do have one question that I hope someone else can answer, and it’s probably really simple but my mind isn’t working so well. What does Paul mean when he says in 8:2 "but I am testing the sincerity of your love by the diligence of others." ???

So, I’ll be checking on Mr.Linky today to see all that you gals learned. Can’t wait. :)


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