BRF: Judges 20-21


First things first, we’re moving on to 2 Corinthians 1-7 this week. So exciting!! It wasn’t that long ago that we finished up 1 Corinthians, and we’ll be able to finish up 2 Cor. in two weeks. I know it’s going to be a big  kick in the pants, but doesn’t that sound exciting!?! :)

Now, for Judges. The whole book is a story of the life of every wandering soul. As Christians we mess up time and time again. What caught my attention more so was the fact that these people had no clue they were messed up. It’s a scary fact for me to see that I could be completely blinded in my own sin and quite happy that way.

From when I began reading this book to when I finished it I caught a glimpse of how far a mistake here and there or a little disobedience, whether knowingly or not, can take a person. By allowing the world to enter our lives even a little bit we are opening ourselves to create the same finish as Judges had. "In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes." 21:25  What a sad way to finish it off. At first when the Israelites sinned they confessed more quickly and were more repentant. By the time all those years had passed and they had sinned so often they weren’t as quick to repent. They lost their focus and were more interested in themselves, not in the God that had been all consuming at one time.

In chapter 21 after they had fought the tribe of Benjamin because of the horrendous crime committed by the people, they were worrying about losing a tribe and took the remedy in their own hands. Not a good move. God is bigger than that and doesn’t need help to work it all out.  I was glad that the Lord didn’t give them victory in their war with Benjamin in the first couple of attempts. Not sure exactly why I’m glad because He is very merciful to me every single day in the same way. Maybe God was letting all of Israel be chastised a bit for their own fault in the situation  or maybe just to let them know victory isn’t given to them like a cheap magic potion.

In so many ways I am one of the Israelites. I have had the Creator of the universe make Himself known to me, He has lifted the veil from my eyes to give me understanding when reading His word more every day. He has showed Himself and His power in my life over and over. I’ve seen His hand of protection, His chastisement on my very disobedient heart, different ‘judges’ brought into my life to move me back to a place where I can see Him more clearly again.

I have been a Deborah stepping up into a place not natural for women and set my hand to lead those who should have been leading me.
I have been Jephthah’s daughter, used and the victim of nasty circumstances created by a misguided someone due to their lack of understanding of the Lord’s will.
I have been Jephthah himself, trying to manipulate God into doing what I want.
I have been Samson, self-willed, conceited, & self-absorbed to the point where I am only concerned with my own feelings and wishes.
I have been Micah, who thought He could make God into anything He wished.
I have been Gideon, when he unknowingly caused others to stumble and move far from the Lord.
I have been humbled by this awesome book I had never read before.

I am convinced now more than ever that we haven’t got a clue. Seriously. We are such self absorbed, idiotic creatures, that we more often than not couldn’t care less if we please God. This whole book is a huge warning and call to repentance from a life that is not just far from God, but just a little bit off track. There is no in between. Either you are running the straight and narrow path toward the Saviour, or you take just one step off that path and will be heading totally in the wrong direction.
We have to be so careful!

Now please add your link to my Mr.Linky here and hopefully everyone is back and ready so we can see some more names. And of course if you are new, we’ll be even more excited to read your review. Isn’t it great to know that there are other women out there excited to really get to know their Bibles & their Saviour just as much as you!? :)


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