Book Review Friday: Judges 16-19


First things first, we’ll finish off the book of Judges with an incredibly short reading this week. Judges 20-21 is on the menu for next Friday.

Reading chapters 16-19 left me with a lot of questions. There was a lot of good stuff for me to glean as usual, but an awful lot of confusing things too.

One of the not so confusing thing is the ongoing lesson in God’s providence throughout the whole book. No matter what we do, good or bad, is all in the hands of God and he works everything for his purpose. But for a bit of a different note than I usually put down for BRF I’ll ask some questions and hope for some answers. I’ve already discussed them with hubby and would love to hear what you have to say. :)

Here are a few of my questions for you… Why didn’t the spirit of the Lord leave Samson when he touched a dead lion which he was not allowed to do but it did when his hair was cut?  When speaking of Samson wanting the wrong kind of wife 14:4 says, "But his father and mother did not know that it was of the Lord – that He was seeking an occasion to move against the Philistines." So does that mean that God wanted Samson to sin??  Why did the Levite cut up the woman? Why wasn’t he in trouble for sending his concubine out to be abused to protect himself? He was a jerk and he was part of the murder! Why did the womans father try to keep the man with them? Was is to protect his daughter from this guy or did he really like him?

Those are just a couple of things that I wondered about. I learned stuff too but my time is short this week and I wanted to get answers to my questions more than write anything else right now. :) Hope you can help me! Maybe you answered them all in your reviews and I just have to check Mr.Linky. That would be great.

If you would like to join up with Book Review Friday, jump right in where we’re at. We’d love to have you. You can find the info for it all up on my left hand sidebar.


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