Movie Reviews: Moody Science Video Classics


Science_videos_2 I would like to pass along a great series for every person in your home, Moody Science Video Classics Series. All ages will enjoy these great videos, A great resource. If you do get them let me know what you think. Perfectly clean and make my ‘Ultimate Clean movie’ rating. Wonderful for homeschooling, these science videos teach children much without ever making them think they are learning scientific as well as spiritual. My children love them and even though they’ve watched them before, still watch wide eyed and so do mommy and daddy. :) So order them (they are well worth the $) or if you live close enough just borrow them from moi! :)


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  1. I live in Florence, SC. Years ago, I rented several of these from a Christian Book store – one at the time. Later, they closed their video rental department. You might find them from a similar source.
    I recently found them on sale and broke down and ordered them, but they have not arrived. I am looking forward to sharing them with local churches, Sunday schools, etc. They truly are excellent and would be well worth the purchase even if it means pooling funds among a group.

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