Bible study made easy


I was saved at a very young age but always, always struggled with consistent Bible reading until long into my married life. I thought I had to have pens and paper with highlighters and commentaries and Bible dictionaries at a desk with me to make it worthwhile. It was so complicated I just gave up many times. When the going got hard and I was living far away from family getting more and more depressed I was given an idea. Listening to a John MacArthur message on CD, he talked about how he learned his Bible so well himself. He read it. Go figure, he just read it over and over. I was so impressed by the simple-ness of it that I was moved to action. He explained how all he did was read an entire book every day for a week and sometimes a month or 2 months. By the end of that time he had a good grasp on what was in that part of the Bible. Then he’d move on to another book. Seriously, that is what John MacArthur did to study his Bible.

So I started in with 1 John (a short one of course) and loved it. Though never perfect, the depression left me after filling my mind with scripture each day. Wow, the stuff I learned was amazing! I kept this up off and on with reading Proverbs and doing a different study here and there, but was always drawn back to this method. Now we’ve started as a group in Book Review Friday, sometimes more in a week than others, reading a book of the Bible each day for a week and writing a review. The review is just a simple write up of what spoke to you from the scripture you read. Maybe even just a verse, maybe you just read it once that week. But what a difference the review has made! Everyone involved has said time and time again that when they sit to write out what they learned, that is actually the time that they learn the most. To have to put into words and concentrate on the message scripture is telling us leaves much deeper imprints on your heart than simply reading it and tucking it away again.

I would not want to sound disrespectful but I am finding that pretty much anything you would learn at a Bible college could be learned by a school age child if the family read together in this manner each day. Families reading and implementing what they are reading in their day to day lives would change our world. Seriously. This is such a simple idea that has been completely lost by most Christians of our day. Read your Bible with your kids, who would have thought, it sounds too easy.

It’s a very nice idea to read through your Bibles in year too, but…. you don’t retain nearly as much, at least I don’t. I don’t just want to be able to say I read it, I want to know it really well.

So this is a call to all you gals out there that would love to get to know your Bibles really well, very easily. Someone already involved in BRF said that we’ve done about 14 books of the Bible and Psalm 119 since December. Wow! So if you’d like to jump in right where we are we’d love to have you! Just check on on my sidebar what we’re reading this week for Book Review Friday, read that book as many times as you can and we’d love to see a new name there on Mr. Linky on Friday with a review, or just an email to let us know you are doing it without a review.  And if you think your house is too busy and full and life demands too much, we’ve heard it before. We’ve all got kids of our own and outside circumstances and busy schedules. Nothing could be more important that learning more about your Saviour and getting closer to Him!! :)


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