Movie Review: Love’s Abiding Joy


Loves_abiding_joty_2 So sorry to say that I cannot recommend the movie “Love’s Abiding Joy” on my list of clean stuff to watch, which is not a very long list as of yet. Though they never took the Lord’s name in vain in the movie last night, there was one coarse word spoken. You could quite possibly miss it if you weren’t listening closely as the man says it almost under his breath, but it’s still there. And though the rest of it was clean in language and modesty there were parts that would teach the kids that it’s okay to be sneaky and it will all turn out right in the end.  But other than those two things it was okay.

I will warn anyone slightly emotional to have kleenex handy if you venture to watch it. I was basically choking back sobs the WHOLE way through it. Maybe I was just over-emotional, I don’t know. :(


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