I’m watchin a movie tonight


Just where exactly did the week go???? I can’t believe it’s Thursday and tomorrow is Book Review Friday again! I realized today that we’ve just been enjoying the stories so much in the first 5 chapters of Judges that I haven’t really thought beyond the initial ‘ and Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord’ kind of lessons. I’m really excited about seeing what everyone was taught themselves.

The week went so quickly and it really was full. I realize now how full if I couldn’t even find time to post hardly anything. I’ve been doing the regular laundry and the kids and Marty have been working on garden stuff. I’ve revamped our daily list of things to do from a ‘schedule’ to a ‘routine’ list. The plan is that the new routine will help us all to get better organized and I’ll know that everything is getting done. That’ll be a post later on I hope (if it works).

We’re planning on watching another clean movie tonight. If it is perfectly clean I’ll let you know. Hubby has just gone to see if they’ve got it in town. :) Here’s my definition of clean, just so ya know :)

Clean movie:  a program that has absolutely no coarse language of any kind, nothing sensual in any way, all inappropriate body parts are completely covered at all times, no jokes in poor taste.

Bonus Clean movie: One that actually gives a good biblical example to follow, encourages you to be hard working and have good attitudes, encourages you to do the right thing even when it hurts.

Ultimate Clean movie:  Includes all of the qualifications in the first two definitions above and there isn’t even a burp in the whole production. :)

See ya’ll tomorrow


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