Movie Reviews: Where the Red Fern Grows


Red_fern_3 I’ll pass along to you another great watch. Walt Disney’s 2003 version of Where the Red Fern Grows. It’s not a ‘Christian’ movie but no worries with letting your children watch this. The scene where one of the children falls on an axe may be a bit too much for some but it really doesn’t show much and does not linger on the subject. My youngest children can watch without a problem. There are no lovey-dovey scenes, just hugging between a man and wife. No language at all. (But there is a burp sorry to say).

After watching this I wanted my sons all to grow up to be ‘Billys’, except for ‘the burp’. The boy, or maybe I should say young man, is a wonderful example of many traits, most of which are being lost in todays society in men.  To be strong, honest and hardworking and thoughtful. To persevere and do your best. To have the right priorities and keep them in their place when it may cost you something dear. Yep, I liked this movie. Make sure you have a tissue ready though. It’s kind of sad even for this extreme non dog-lover. It’s definitely one for building a clean library. :)


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