Movie Review: Facing the Giants


Facing_the_giants_2 I rented ‘Facing the Giants’ yesterday for hubby and I to watch and I was so pleased. I could count on about 3 fingers the number of movies I’ve seen in my lifetime that were perfectly clean and this is one of them. There are still a few Christians out there that are picky about what they watch, I mean really picky, and I’m one of them.

In Facing the Giants there was no language of any kind. Not even close. There was no smut. The husband and wife in the movie didn’t even kiss and maybe not even hug if I remember right. There wasn’t so much as a burp. Seriously, it’s clean folks.  Beyond all the initial things that we watch out for in a movie here I was surprised to find out how ‘Christian’ it was. I was expecting an overall sense of good morals and a bit of good vs. evil, but it was way more than that. It was full of scripture and praying and talking about the Lord. It really is a Christian movie.

Shannon gives this movie ***** a five star rating for cleanliness. Go see it. It was an encouraging movie and has had me thinking a lot today about the lessons learned in it. It wasn’t just clean it actually challenged my faith and left me wanting more from my relationship with the Lord.

I even started a new category for clean movies because of this one. I don’t expect this category to have many joining it’s club but it’s a start anyway. :)


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