It’s review time :)


First things first, we’re finishing up in Mark this week. Chapters 13-16 will bring it to an end and we’ll move into the Old Testament again. Now here’s my review for Mark 9-12:

The verses that have hit a little closer to home than the rest, and it could be because it is one of the passages that I actually understood in the reading this week, are from 10:17-22. The story about the rich guy who came to Jesus wanting to be assured of his entrance into heaven. He was a really good guy that had kept all the commandments faithfully and he probably figured he’d wow Jesus a bit with his clean record and just be told, ‘hey buddy, you’re in!". But the Lord knew the deeper issue the guy needed to deal with, his materialism. In the reaction Jesus got when He told him to sell all he had and follow him, we all saw where the man’s devotion truly lies. He couldn’t give up all he had for something bigger and better in the next life.

I have a feeling I would have been sorrowful over the prospect of losing all my possessions to do what Christ asked me to do. I can know this simply because I just love ‘stuff’. I love finding deals and storing up treasures. I find it very easy to get caught up in things, things, and more things without realizing along the way that I’m letting them take the place of something far greater to experience. If God was all He is meant to be to me I would find it very easy to say good bye to earthly stores and treasures. I would understand and have experienced such a powerful relationship with Him that all else would pale in comparison. If I was completely filled with the Holy Spirit my desire for earthly pleasures and gain would be non existent. It wouldn’t necessarily be that I would live with nothing, but that it wouldn’t be a big deal if I had to.

This man that ran up to Jesus full of energy and  excitement over the prospects of being patted on the back and welcomed, was greatly disappointed. He was only disappointed because his heart was in the wrong place. If he was sincere he would have welcomed the advice and quickly obeyed to be assured of the very thing he asked of Jesus. I’m not pointing my finger at him, just saying I am way to much like him. Big lesson for me.

It was fitting that this round of BRF should end with the widow who gave away all she had. She had the right priorities. She is now one of my Bible heroes. Seriously, can you think of doing that if it were you. Poor and alone, and giving the rest of your money for the Lord to use however he pleased? Yep, that’s real spiritual heroism if you ask me. "Assuredly, I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all those who have given to the treasury; for they all put in out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all that she had, her whole livelihood." (12:43,44)

That’s it folks. Nothing big but kind of big to me. :) I’ll be checking out you’re reviews as they appear here on Mr. Linky. Thanks for coming along on Book Review Friday!


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