Book Review Friday : Mark 1-4


First things first :) For next BRF we will be reading Mark 5-8. We’ve broken the book into very bite-sizable pieces and we should know it really well by the time we are done. If you haven’t been a part of BRF but would like to, just jump in where we’re at, we’d love to have you! Now for my review…

Good week reading. :) I kept wondering what happened to all those people Christ came into contact with. He was healing so many people from serious diseases and injury’s and freeing people from demonic activity all over the place. But where did all those people go after? What did they do? Did they go on for the rest of their days singing the praises of the one who helped them where no one else could?  The cynical me says no they didn’t. Most of them probably just went on there way happy that they felt better and could do what they wanted now. I know that’s pretty much how I have lived my life. I’m happy – problem comes up – pray, ask God to help & He does – I go back to being happy and come back to God when the next problem arrives. Sad, very sad. I’d rather be like Peter’s mother-in-law. She was sick and couldn’t get out of bed. Jesus came in and set her right as rain and she got up right away to serve them. Get up with purpose. God heals in order to put us into service for Him. She was given one of the smallest parts of the Bible, but she got her part right.

Another thing. I want to be willing to leave everything I have ever known immediately when Christ asks me to follow. No guarantee’s of what they were walking into for all those men Jesus spoke to as He journeyed, but the Bible says they left their places immediately. No hesitation. That’s big folks.

And another thing always comes to mind when I read about John the Baptist. Seriously folks, God doesn’t need help. He’s awesome, amazing, and powerful all by himself. If he chose to use a guy that lived in the boonies by himself somewhere, wore camel’s hair for clothing, and ate disgusting bugs for his meals and probably hadn’t seen a toothbrush or a bar of soap in a while (sorry, but I always think of that), then why do we think we need to try to make the gospel more attractive???? God’s word is powerful enough to change men’s hearts. We don’t need cool catchy phrases in our messages. We don’t need Saturday night services in cafe style to attract people who wouldn’t otherwise come out to church. We don’t need 40 days of purpose to get people living for the Lord. We don’t need anything but our Bibles and prayer to see God working. He really can make things happen all by Himself. Seriously, we need to remind ourselves of this all the time today with all the views and philosophies attempting to get us sidetracked. All John did was tell them they were sinners and needed to confess their sin and repent. That was it.

As for me personally, I was convicted by the parable of the sower in chapter 4. Too often I am a ‘stony ground Christian’. I really do get excited about, and receive with gladness, the Word of God. I love to learn and have new insights. But my problem is retaining and growth. It just doesn’t seem to stick. I have sprouts each week from reading and listening to messages but not enough roots to keep things growing properly. Though lately,because of the consistency this review forces me to have it really is getting better. There is always hope. :)

Another busy week but I managed to get my review up. Can’t wait to see those names gradually added to Mr. Linky. Remember that Mr. Linky for Dummies is there for help if you need it. :)


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