Book Review Friday: Haggai


First things first. The book for next Friday will be Ephesians. You can do it! Now, onto Haggai…

Is it just me or does every book we’ve been doing seem to boil down to the same thing? It’s time to focus! It’s all about focus. What am I focusing on each and every moment of every day? I am learning, very slowly, to be surrendered to Christ but have such a long way to go.

Just reading about the lesson the Israelites learned in this book is the easy part. They were more interested in themselves than in God and I sit back and think, "Why couldn’t they see the problem? I can’t believe they actually had to have someone spell it out for them!?" But I have my own ‘paneled house’ to run to.( Actually, I’m not a big fan of paneling but understand what Haggai is getting at:)

Putting first things first is a daily struggle. I don’t have to go to the mountains to find lumber to build a temple for the Lord. I am the temple and I neglect it far too much. I’m jealous of the Israelites though, because they finished work on their temple in a matter of months and mine won’t be completed until I’m dead, or the Lord comes back.

Conviction to put God first has been in every book we’ve read and it would seem that more challenges get thrown in there to make the journey to repentance ever harder on the issue the more I’m convicted. "My house is in ruins, while every one of you runs to his own house."(1:9) That is a haunting piece of scripture.

So, where to start? I’ve been convicted repeatedly and it’s time for more action. 1:12 says "the people feared the presence of the Lord." That’s where it starts. If I really do fear the Lord I’m going to be walking in obedience. It’s when I’m not in scripture that I lose that fear and become complacent just as the Jews in this book were. They built up the temple of the Lord and it would serve as a reminder that God was with them, and also help to keep them on their toes in obedience and hold Him 1st in their daily lives.

1:6 speaks of earthly treasure they sought for themselves. When reading about the people saying it wasn’t time to worry about building God’s house yet, I think they were a lot like us. They were just trying to do the best they could everyday. Making meals, saying hello to the people next door, making enough money to pay the rent. It’s just that God knew they were self absorbed. They worked hard for themselves and the Lord blew all the blessing away from them because He wasn’t in it."And he who earns wages, earns wages to put into a bag with holes." But when they all obeyed and feared God, He poured out His blessing on the people. "But from this day I will bless you."(2:19)  So, what am I missing out on by not acknowledging Him in all my paths? What would He do? Where would He take me? What would He show me and my family if I feared Him so much I let Him create a beautiful temple for Him to dwell in right here, inside me?

Yes, Haggai was a surprisingly good book for me. I hope you found it the same. I’ll be waiting for Mr. Linky to fill up. Friday is a very exciting day, I love reading everyone’s review. And just by chance you haven’t yet heard of Book Review Friday (where have you been!?!) then check it out here and join in this week. :)


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