BRF: 1 Timothy


Oh my. After the first few verses it seemed like information overload. There was just so much so much to learn in this book. I felt that I should have broken it up over 6 weeks instead of 1. I had to start writing things down to keep it all straight in my head. I will attempt to not bore you with these few things that I learned, it was definitely not boring to me!

Right off in chapter 1, I was convicted. It said that people were reading the Scriptures and talking about them and trying to sound so spiritual. They were "desiring to be teachers of the law, understanding neither what they say nor the things that they affirm". Those who strayed & turned to idle talk didn’t know they had it all wrong. Please Lord, let me know if I’m in the same boat, and then keep me from this devastating mistake!

Now, about the law. I’m not sure I can write clearly all that I understood from 1: 8-11. But ,here goes. If I am a true Christian I don’t need to worry so much about the law.  Some people live by the law, some by Christ. If I am living by Christ then obedience to the law will be automatic. I don’t need a list of do’s and don’ts, I need to have a heart that wants to please Christ no matter what. In reading & studying the Word, and letting God change me, I am learning to be led by the Holy Spirit and avoid my own babblings and ramblings.

I was struck by 1:18 as well. Yes, struck. :) "Wage a good warfare" is what it said. To make a long explanation short, If I don’t feel like I am in spiritual battles on a regular basis, I am not doing much for the cause of Christ. I don’t want to be one of those who experience ‘shipwreck’. But I don’t have to concern myself with that if I concern myself with 1 Tim.6:11 instead. I will be swimming against the current in this big old world of ours, by pursuing righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, and gentleness. I want to fight a good fight for my Lord. I only have to do it until He comes back, and that could be in 5 minutes. I can do it for 5 minutes, I think. So for the next 5 minutes I’ll do all I can. (I’m tired, I have to break it in very bite-sizable pieces).

There was so much that I learned in chapters 2 – 5. But I will spare you the ramblings on them for now. I just might ramble blog about them later.

One last thing from 6:20. I can picture the pleading tone of Paul to his young friend. "O Timothy! Guard what was committed to your trust,". Paul knows what can happen when you lose your footing in this world. I need to guard the gospel/ the commandment/ the Word of God, and all that Christ has done in me, with all that is in me. And may babblings, contradictions, & false knowledge, not be true of me.

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