Book Review Friday: Ruth


*The book for next weeks review will be 1 Timothy. Get ready, I know there will be a lot to chew on in that one.  Make sure if you have a review on Ruth written, you add your link below to Mr. Linky.:)

Now, for Ruth:

By day 3 I started seeing a beautiful love story here. Not the Hollywood kind, just the simple, honest, godly kind. But that’s not what I will write about. I just liked it, that’s all. :) Kind of a Cinderella story, don’t cha think?

I realized in reading this week that Ruth is a ‘quiet hero’. It took a few times reading the book to start to grasp just the kind of woman she was, (and I’m not). What a great example of biblical womanhood – and from a woman with a totally pagan background!

Just a few traits I saw in Ruth were kindness, patience, hardworking, generous, obedient, virtuous, and I’m sure the list could go on. There’s nothing said about her beauty in the book. Through this love story, Boaz first noticed Ruth for her inner qualities that showed in how she handled herself. He could see that she was a woman worth having at his side.

Though Ruth had grown up in an ungodly atmosphere, lost her husband and was left to live with her depressed mother-in-law, she kept her focus right even when everything went wrong.  She understood at a fairly young age that ‘it wasn’t all about her’. She was willing to turn to a God she didn’t understand and trust that it would be okay, "..the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings you have come for refuge."2:12

I want to be a  Ruth. I’ve tried many times to make the qualities she possessed my own, but failed every time. I have to be willing, like she was, to give up all I call mine. All things precious & dear to me have to take a back seat. I need to be ready to obey the Lord when I don’t understand, it hurts, and circumstances weigh heavy on my heart.

What I need is a heart like Ruth’s. Then all those qualities I wish were mine would just be evidence of something so much richer and everlasting. Maybe someday (it’s a long way off) someone will say "for all the people of my town know that you are a virtuous woman." 3:11


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