Book review Friday: Daniel 1-3


We had a lot of fun reading Daniel this week. I read it 6 days and read it to the kids 4 days, but they learned so much. Tonight as I read it (very animatedly) they were really into it. I had them filling in whole phrases. I was shocked at the detail they remembered. It’s a great encouragement to me to have my kids really getting to know scripture themselves. One of my sons was so into the ‘burning fiery furnace’ part he would be wide eyed & clutching his blankets waiting to hear what would happen, even after the first 3 nights hearing the same story. Daniel, along with his buds (Rack, Shack, & Benny as they’re called in Veggie Tales) are my new favorite Bible characters. One thing that is constantly going through my head is the faith that these people had without the knowledge in the Bible we are blessed with . They didn’t have 66 books to refer to when they didn’t know what to do. They just had to trust their Creator to do the right thing. It also grabbed my attention that a bright, intelligent guy like king Nebuchadnezzar could go from trusting in soothsayers and the like, to saying "Truly your God is the God of gods, the Lord of kings…" because he witnessed God’s power in the life of Daniel, and then back to ‘let’s build an idol and make everyone worship it’. But I’ll stick with the positives. God is powerful and works in amazing ways. I’m glad I know Him. I’m so glad for examples like Daniel and his companions to look to and gain courage from for my small trials.

Now for next weeks review we’ll move onto chapters 4-6 in Daniel. If you want to be added to the links as a Book Review lady let me know. And if you are doing your own thing and want to be taken off the links just let me know as well. :)


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