Book Review Friday: Veggies for the soul


I read Philippians almost everyday this week. I was a little under the weather and had a Kleenex box and a blanket close at hand and was rather tired. I was asleep before I even realized I hadn’t done any reading on Tuesday. But it was still lots of scripture in my brain on every other day.
One thing I am learning to do is to read with ‘mom ears’ to what I am reading in the Bible. Elizabeth George is the one with the idea and it’s brought new meaning to many passages for me. As I read I just apply it to all the wife and mom situations I am faced with daily. So when I read 1:9-11 about loving in all knowledge and discernment, approving things that are excellent, and being without offense I think of my family. I need to be able to love them and discern things all day long about what is in their hearts (as well as my own) and approve the good things. I need to teach my children to be without offense to the things of Christ by being a good example of it myself.

Chapter 2:3-4 is always very convicting because I am a very VERY selfish person. I don’t like to have my feathers ruffled by my man or the little chillins all day long.
It says “in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.” But if you read these verses mom style I get this meaning ” Don’t spend your day looking to get what you want out of it (like a nap and magazine browsing), but always think of serving your husband and kids first. Make sure they feel safe and secure and taken care of before you sit down to enjoy me-time. I want a nap but the youngest child wants to have 3 books read to him. (It’s a very sacrificial thing on my part to say no to the lay down so I can spend an extra 15 minutes trying to stay awake for a story I’ve read so many times before. What can I say, I love sleep).

I love 3:3 about having “no confidence in the flesh.” Because I can get so wrapped up in the daily duties that when I get on a role I think I can handle just about anything and then forget to be asking for grace constantly. I need God to infuse me with His strength because no matter what I do it won’t amount to much. I need Him to give me the strength and then it will last.

Of course 3:13 is a famous one but here’s the mom twist to it. I know beyond the shadow of doubt that I have not arrived to be the woman God wants me to be, but I won’t dwell on all my past failures. I’m pressing on and reaching for that goal of the Proverbs 31 lady.

4:5 is a great reminder to be gentle with our families. That’s also something that does not come naturally to me. I’m a ‘get over it’ kind of person. Not proud of it though. This is just another verse to help me get over being a ‘get over it’ kind of person. :)

4:11-13 is an encouragement as well. We can have our bad days and sometimes they can seem almost unbearable but it is possible to be content no matter what. Thank God for His help to do so.
All in all it was a very good week. We’ve all read Philippians many times before. Maybe not all in one sitting but we’ve read and heard much of it many times over. It’s always fresh and new and so much to apply. I titled this ‘Veggies for the soul’ because it struck me that sometimes reading much of the New Testament is like eating your veggies. I think I’m growing up a bit since I’m liking my veggies more all the time! :)

Our Book for the coming week will be Daniel chapters 1-3. We’ll do Daniel in a two part series. How’s that? The next week will be chapters 4-6.
Hope the rest of you have time to do a review before the weekend is out. I enjoy reading them.
Happy reading!


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