Book Review for James : Friends close by.


We live pretty good I must say. :) Even though we are kind of out-of-the-way now that we’ve bought a house in the country we still have friends taking the time to pop in now and then to say hello. Love it. We don’t have a vehicle for church and other gatherings sometimes when Marty is working and mom and dad are always willing to come pick us up. Very nice. Although I don’t answer the phone every time it rings (life is too busy), I love it that my phone rings so much. (Caller ID & message machine enables me to love it, cuz I don’t have to answer it). I know people are there and care.

“A man who isolates himself rages against all sound judgment”. Prov. 18:1 At least I think that’s what it says. I left my Bible at church Thursday night and am now using a KJV. Not used to it. :)

I am thankful for lots of people around because when you start heading for the ‘depths of despair’ it doesn’t take nearly as long to come round again. When I am by myself for days on end you can lose touch with reality and your own problems become greater and greater the longer you stay by yourself and ponder them.

James 3 :16 talks about where there is self-seeking there is confusion and every evil thing there. When I allow myself to dwell on the unfairness of certain piddly little things in my life they no longer seem like piddly things. They are huge mountains that I just cannot get over. It starts to affect my mood, how I interact with the family, I get really depressed and new temptations will be thrown at me and I can start on a downward spiral where “every evil thing is there”. I am so glad to be reading James and have a daily reminder of the path I am headed on if I allow this to continue.
I want to learn to be “pure, peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.” And I happen to be quite aware of the fact that I cannot do anything about it except ask God to change me. I am so glad that He is willing to work on me.
I’ve been convicted, I’ve prayed, and I can tell God is working on me.
A couple recent things that friends have done for us that we are very thankful for is Courtney for giving Miss K the time of her life at the horse barn. :)
Kim gave a bunch, HUGE pile, of toys to my kids to play with. How nice is that!?! And they have spent loads of time enjoying them. Thanks. :) (Blogger won’t let me post 2 pictures so the toy picture will just have to wait).

*Remember to keep at it with James. There is only one week left to read it as many times as you can. Then we’ll start on another book if you still want to join me at getting serious about knowing the Word. :)


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