Book Review Friday : 3 John & a change of perspective.


My take on a few things in life has changed in the past while. Most of which was this week. Hopefully I can say it clearly.
Since Kelly commented on 3 John verse 2 last week, of course that’s the verse that has caught most of my attention all week. It’s a good verse and I’m not sure I would have given it due notice had someone else not pointed it out. That “just as your soul prospers” gave me much to think about.
I started out by thinking that if my body had prospered the way my soul had, many times I would have been 6 feet under. But the more I read this book and thought about it the more came to light. People who are content in their day to day lives even though they shouldn’t be have a reason why they are so. They don’t read their Bibles, they don’t hold high Christian standards in where they go, who they spend time with, what they watch, what they think about. They aren’t all-consumed with living for God because they have never experienced it before. They don’t know how it’s supposed to be.
I have a very long way to go but I have experienced this kind of God’s presence in my life on a small scale I would say. I have this kind of gage inside of me and I can tell when I am not living right because I am not content. There is always something wrong, something missing, though I may not be able to narrow it down to one point I know that if I start reading the Bible more and praying more it will be fixed and all will be well again. Someone who has never completely sold out their life to God in absolute surrender can be content with worldly things because they do not know any better. I know there is so much more out there to make my soul prosper because of my small experience with God. Listening to someone like Mr. Wingfield who has heard and seen it all made me realize just how small my experience with the awesome Creator really was. It leaves me craving more. It’s just that I know it will cost me. The cost is only initially, shortly after you give yourself to God you don’t really care what you gave up. It’s just getting to the point where you will do it.
In verse 2 it says “I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” Mr. Wingfield made me realize that ‘be in health’ is relative. There is an awful lot of people who are prospering in the midst of great physical discomfort and their soul is over flowing and they aren’t concerned about any physical infirmity. I do want to be like that. It scares me but it’s what I want.
Verse 11 says that we aren’t to imitate what is evil, but to imitate what is good. I also learned this week that there is a lot in my life that I didn’t realize was so evil. I have to take a good hard look at my life and do a whole lot of praying on the subject. If I want my soul to prosper I need to make sure their isn’t evil in my heart choking out all the good that God wants to do in me. It’s really serious.

On the lighter side, another way my perspective has changed is in the things I am willing to buy. You know that we picked drops for a few days, which I really do enjoy, but it’s hard work and it takes time. But how much shopping would people do if when they got to the check out they were sent out back to the apple orchard to pick so many bins to pay for it?

And now, what book shall be next you may ask? Well, I was challenged to read the book of James everyday for a straight 30 days. I’m going to do it and I’m inviting all of you to join in. There are no excuses either. It is very possible. It only takes me 1/3 hour to read it all in one sitting and I am an extremely slow reader. If you have time to blog or watch TV you have time to read James.
Let me know if you are in and I’ll add you to the links.


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