Book Review Friday : 2 John


It’s a little late to post this it being almost the end of Friday and all, but I have 4 little excuses that kept me busy all day long. We had Lego fun, a tea party, a ball game (Calvin & Hobbes style), and painting. We had a busy day but I have a few minutes before we get ready for bed to get my book review up. Hopefully all those who took part will have theirs up soon as well. I get excited to read what everyone else got out of their reading.
It was that “Grace, mercy, and peace” in verse 3 that catches my attention because I need those things desperately! None of those come easily to me. Having children brought my ugly side out in the open like a spot light shining on a huge, gross bug hiding in the corner of your house. I have hated myself many a day because of the lack of these qualities.
Grace, mercy, and peace are a product of truth and love that abides in us. Or at least is supposed to abide in us, but unfortunately not in this gal. So much to work on. Maybe I should say so much to let Him work on.
After reading 1 John I came away feeling convicted and challenged but somewhat defeated. Love does not come naturally to me and I get tired of ‘loving’ before I even get started. I’m a task oriented person, not really a nurturing person. Not good. More Martha than Mary by a long shot and I’m not proud of it. But then I read 2 John and I found hope in the situation again. Vs. 6 says “This is love, that we walk according to His commandments.”
If I am walking according to His commandments, making a daily choice to choose His actions, reactions, words, instead of my own, the love will be there. It will show up because His truth and love is abiding in me, I just haven’t allowed Him to purge the sin that’s there taking over. If I keep learning to say no to me then Christ has a chance to say what He wants to through me.
I know there is so much more in this passage, but I could ramble and ramble and not really say a whole lot. This is something small (but big) that I learned this week however unprofound it may be.
Looking forward to seeing what you learned.

* We’ll do 3 John for next week of course. Let me know for sure if you want to do it and I’ll add you in the links. :)


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