Book review time again.


It has been bothering me that I had given the invitation out months ago to read a book of the Bible for a week and then wasn’t able to follow up on it. That’s right when the move all began and I didn’t have time for it. But I’m ready again now. :) So if anyone is willing to start this very good habit along with me again I have another book ready. How about we all read 1 John as many times this week as possible. It doesn’t take long to read and of course it’s a great book!
So next Friday everyone can blog about their own book review on 1 John and we can all check out what each other learned while immersing themselves in it for 7 whole days. Exciting eh!? I think so anyway. It’s exciting and convicting. Only a Christian would be excited about reading the Bible and being convicted by it. :)
Happy reading.



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